Signs that you are Falling into Depression

Depression is a state of low mood and can affect your feelings, behavior, and even sense of well-being. It can cause severe symptoms which affect the way a person feels, thinks, and even handles daily activities. Most people feel depressed or anxious at times because of different situations in their lives. Unfortunately, persistent state of depression is likely to cause severity. Studies show that about 20 million American adults live with depression. It is not a must to use medications to overcome depression.

Losing interest in your daily activities

You do not care much about your hobbies, social activities, and nearly everything in your life. In fact, nothing brings joy or pleasure to you.

Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness

This is a feeling like you have nothing to give. Moreover, you feel that nothing gets better and you have lost hope. Your dire situation appears like it is here to stay. Also, you feel like there is nothing you can do to improve your situation.depression 6t12


You may find yourself persistently criticizing yourself for former misstates and perceived faults. You do not place value on yourself. In fact, you feel you are the cause of your problems.

Loss of energy

You will find that even carrying out easiest tasks becomes exhausting. You feel physically drained and fatigued most of the time. This is a good indication of depression. In fact, the daily activities which you engage in take long to complete because of exhaustion.

Changes in sleep

You may experience drastic changes in your sleep pattern. For instance, you may suffer from oversleeping or insomnia. Also, you may be feeling sleepy when you are supposed to be awake. Such problems cause fatigue that can exacerbate extra symptoms of depression.


This is a feeling of impending doom. This is the case even when there is no justifiable reason. You should note that depression causes anxiety. You may be tense for no identifiable threat or apparent reason.


depression 89u1You can get easily angered and frustrated, even over insignificant issues. This is likely to vary from one person to another. There is a difference in the way men and women display their irritability. Some become volatile or aggressive particularly men. On the other hand, women can feel angry at a given moment and become tearful in another.

Physical pain

You may start experiencing back pain, headaches, and digestive problems. This is the case with young children.